Xbot Ice Cream Robot

Step into the future of frozen delights with Xbot Ice Cream Robot. Experience the next level of automated ice cream deserts creation and serving, redefining the way you enjoy cool treats

xbot icecream

Your Own Robotic Ice Cream Cafe Business

Step into the ice cream robot industry as an owner and delight customers with a range of frozen treats like never before. Join the revolution!

Robotic Ice Cream Product Variety

xbot icecream

Soft Ice Cream

xbot robotic yogurt

Frozen Yoghurt

Xbot robotic slush

Ice Slush

Offer Variety of toppings

Your Xbot Ice cream robot can serve up to 3 selections of toppings

Crushed Pistachios

Crushed Pistachios


Crushed Almonds



Gummy Bears




Robotic Ice Cream Kiosk Business is for you if


Use calculator below to estimate your returns.

Average Profitability of Ice Cream Cup

Ice Cream cup profit calculation

  • Ice cream powder 30gm $0.3
  • Water 100ml $0.02
  • Paper Cup $0.05
  • Spoon $0.02
  • Cost of one cup of ice cream $0.39
  • Price of one cup in the park $5-6
  • Profit per cup $4.61-5.61
  • Daily profit with 100 cups sold $461-561
  • Daily profit with 200 cups sold $922-1122
choco ice cream cup

How Xbot's Ice Cream Robot makes money for you

Exceptional design attracts customers

Saves high renovation costs

Plug-and-play for swift startup

Significant monthly rental savings

Saves time on cafe planning & design

Kiosk arrives ready to operate

Operates with minimal staff count

Real-time sales monitoring through your PC or Mobile

= High ROI & low expenses

Xbot is More Than Just Ice Cream Robot

Xbot is the only multiproduct robotic cafe in the world. We highly advise you to capitalise on this. The more product variety you sell, the higher is your ROI.


Best Locations For Your Ice Cream Xbot

How Xbot Ice Cream Robot makes a cup of Ice Cream

It just takes 40 Seconds for an xbot to produce and serve an Ice Cream cup

Play Video about xbot latte bot

You have found the best Ice Cream robot

Serves up to 4 cups in a single serving

The only talking Ice Cream robot in the world

Serves Ice Cream, forzen Yoghurt or Slush

Easily becomes a full scale robotic cafe

Join Our Global Ice Cream Robotic Cafe Community

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Customize Your Xbot Ice Cream

Choose from our range of Xbot Ice Cream Robot designs to match your cafe’s style and branding. Customize your robot barista to fit is with Franke A300 or Franke A600 coffee machines.

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